Q&A with Bob – Oldest Downtown Mile Participant

March 2, 2020Community

At 88 years old, Bob was the oldest registered participant in the 2019 Downtown Mile. Here are some of this thoughts about running in the race and supporting the mission of ESC

1. What did you like about participating in the Carlisle Downtown Mile last year?

I enjoyed the run because one of my granddaughters came with me. It wasn’t too long and it clearly was a “fun” event. I’m not a runner. Perhaps, most important, I am really impressed with the ESC and what they do. I can connect with their mission in a personal way, especially regarding education. After high school, I enlisted in the Army in 1951, during the Korean War and served in Korea. While I loved the Army, I was impressed with the importance of getting a good education, but I wasn’t sure how to achieve this goal without leaving the Army. Fortunately for me, the Army provided opportunities for the “education and training” specified in the ESC mission while I continued on active duty.

2. Was last year your first time participating in the Downtown Mile and if not how many have you done?

I may have participated once or twice in the past when children or grandchildren were in town.

3. What other activities do you do to keep active?

My primary activities have been tennis and exercising.

4. Tell us a little about yourself.

I spent 31 years in the Army, was able to gain enough college credits, one course at a time, at a variety of colleges, depending on my assignments, to qualify for one year of residency (under the “Bootstrap” program) at the University of Southern Mississippi. At that point, I graduated with and undergraduate degree in History. Later, through an Army program, I completed a Master’s Degree from Monmouth University. Later, on my own time, I completed a second Master’s degree at Shippensburg University. After retirement from the Army and teaching at Mount St. Mary’s University, in Emmitsburg, MD, I completed a Doctoral Degree at the Pennsylvania State University.

5. What would you say to older folks to encourage them to run or walk in this year’s Carlisle Downtown Mile?

Advice for older folks about walking or running: Keep in good shape physically, if possible. I think walking is very important for older people. I’m a strong believer in using a treadmill. By all means, avoid hazards that might result in falling.

6. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Some years ago, I presented a class at the ESC to 6-8 young women who were searching for jobs. The class was focused on how to prepare for and be successful when you go for an interview. I must say that I was overwhelmed with the appreciation and positive response from this delightful group. I will never forget it!