Thank you to our donors and supporters who contributed to our Match Madness Campaign during the month of March! This campaign was made possible through the generous support of the Partnership for Better Health, M&T Bank, Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline Foundation, and the McCormick Family Foundation.

Our goal was to raise $25,000 for the purchase of new front doors for our building. The new doors will provide much-needed accessibility and security and will be more energy efficient. This upgrade will include automatic openers and a security system.

For more than 55 years, Employment Skills Center has served members of the community by providing programs and services free of charge. These programs empower our students to gain employment, earn better wages, and enter vocational training and post-secondary education.

“The GED program is an amazing program for anyone who wants to further their education. It has boosted my confidence and has made a significant impact on my life.”  – Chelsea

“I am grateful that ESL classes help me to communicate with people, and also learn more about other countries and their way of living.” – Meryem

Students like Chelsea and Meryem will benefit from your contribution! Will you help us continue to provide the very best learning environment for our students by donating today?

Making a donation to Employment Skills Center today will be giving our students the extra boost they need to build successful careers while improving the quality of their lives!

Community Impact

“Jobs today are changing faster than ever. The Employment Skills Center plays a pivotal role in helping local residents discover, apply and position themselves within vibrant careers that offer expansive room for growth and advancement. Year upon year, we’ve invested in their outstanding Nurse Aide Training program because we know their hardworking students are benefiting from a fresh start and needed income. When it comes to delivering quality health care to members of our community, they’re an incredible asset.”

Becca Raley, Executive Director, Partnership for Better Health

“The Employment Skills Center is a community gem. Its educational and career development services truly transform lives. The Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority partnered with the Center in offering Environmental Technician training with a grant from the EPA. We could not be more pleased with the results. Participants have gone from low-wage, low-skill jobs to family sustaining jobs with a bright future thanks to the training and job placement support of the Center.”

Tim Whelan, Executive Director, Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority

“Employment Skills Center gives individuals who may have struggled in school a second chance at success by teaching adults to learn how to read, write, do basic math, and use computers in their adult learning programs. The results are life changing as adults are able to lift themselves and their families out of poverty with increased skills and greater access to higher paying jobs. Employment Skills Center also offers English as a Second Language classes which help individuals improve English skills, gain citizenship skills, improve reading and writing levels, and get more involved in the community.”

Lucy Zander, Executive Director, United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County