Employment Skills Center is partnering with SCPa Works and Harrisburg University to offer free computer training to adults who wish to enhance their digital literacy and technology skills and get started on a new career path. The next class is scheduled for January 18-28 and will include the following:

  • 2 weeks of in-person training (4 days/week)
  • instruction in digital literacy, internet & computer safety, software applications, and workplace skills
  • access to computer lab
  • job search and application assistance
  • NorthStar Digital Literacy activities and certificates

Eligibility requirements include:

  • 16 years or older *must be out of school
  • Valid PA State ID or Driver’s License
  • Resident of Cumberland County
  • Must take a reading assessment to meet minimum educational requirements

Computer Lab

Registered students at Employment Skills Center have access to our 16 station computer lab. Students use the lab to search for jobs, create resumes and cover letters, engage in math and reading practice, and develop overall computer literacy. The computer lab can also be used to help students develop skills in the following areas: basic keyboarding and mouse skills, email, navigating the Internet, Microsoft Word, and Excel. Computer practice enriches the learning experience for our students and builds valuable skills for employment and higher education.