Thank You to Our Volunteers!

April 22, 2020Community

In honor of volunteer appreciation month, Employment Skills Center staff and students would like to recognize our outstanding volunteers. Our volunteers help in our classrooms, tutor students one-on-one, and provide additional support for events throughout the year. We could not fulfill our mission without the support and dedication of our talented volunteer team.

Read below to learn more about our volunteers and the impact they have on the lives of our students. Thank You, ESC Volunteers!

Renee and Chris – ESL Classroom Aides

“Hi, Renee: Thank you for helping us learn English! What a wonderful time to be together!”
“Hi, Chris: Thank you for being patient, kindness, selfless! We are very grateful to you for your help!” Libo, ESC student

“I really like the two assistants, Renee and Chris. They are as serious as you, and they are very patient. Thank you.” From Yan Ling, ESC student

Renee and Chris have been an integral part of my ESL beginners class since the beginning of the year. I am so thankful for their anticipation of the students’ needs, their dedication and their generosity. The students have connected very well with them and they are so happy, as I am, to see them join us during the Zoom classes. I am looking forward to their collaboration for a very long time. THANK YOU, Renee and Chris. —Henriette, ESL Instructor

Lisa – ESL Classroom Aide

Lisa has been volunteering as a teaching assistant at the Employment Skills Center since 2016. She brings many special qualities and talents with her into the classroom. As a college professor of art history, Lisa has the skills and experience of a professional educator, but importantly she is also able to apply those skills to the varied levels of literacy and English competency of our ESL students. Lisa is always a cheerful and enthusiastic presence in the classroom.  She loves to engage with the students and to kid around and laugh with them. Lisa has even shared her home with the students on more than one occasion, generously inviting our class and other ESC students, teachers and families to her home for holiday celebrations. These events show how the personal support of volunteers like Lisa enrich our program and help us benefit and welcome our ESL students to our community. Thank you, Lisa! —Andrea, ESL Instructor

Michael – ESL Classroom Aide

Michael is an integral part of our class! He is always reaching out to make everyone comfortable, creating interesting and engaging conversation, and providing professional and useful feedback about both the English language and American culture. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us, Michael….we are grateful! —Sharon, ESL Instructor

Bob – ESL Tutor

Bob has been an integral part of our volunteer team for more than 8 years. He has tutored numerous English language learners over the years and helped them improve their language proficiency in all areas – reading, writing, and speaking. He is more than a tutor to his students, but also a friend and mentor. His support, encouragement, and knowledge is invaluable and continues to positively impact the lives of his students. We are grateful for his years of service and commitment to ESC and the students he has tutored. Thank you, Bob! —Mindy, Executive Director

To All Volunteer Tutors

Students are so pleased when they learn that a tutor is willing to work with them one on one. As the volunteer coordinator, it is exciting to see the relationship between a student and his/her tutor start up and then grow. The amazing things that our students can accomplish (finishing their high school diplomas, getting a better job, etc.) are the effects of their hard work, but also the dedication of their tutors. Thank you, tutors! —Julie, Volunteer Coordinator

Check back soon for more testimonials!